June 09, 2020 1 min read

It's your big day! Of course you should stand out from your groomsmen. But at the same time, its important to compliment each other. You want to stand out in a classy and elegant way. So how do you accomplish this? Easy. Keep reading to learn some simple, yet great tips on how to stand out from your groomsmen.

We've done wedding parties for so many groups, the combinations are endless. But some themes that tend to stand out and look best in the photos there is a science to. And we will be sharing them with you. 

Navy. Its a huge wedding color. If you like this color, a great idea is for your groomsmen to do solid navy wedding suits, while you stand out from them in the same navy fabric the groomsmen are wearing, but you will have it in a tuxedo. The difference between a suit and a tuxedo are relatively small, but the difference is look is pretty dramatic. You will stand out in an extrememly elegant way while complimenting eachother.

Another great example is like grey tuxedos for the groomsmen with black satin trimmings, and a solid black tuxedo for the groom. The black on the light grey tuxedos is a stark contrast to the black trimmings, and matches perfectly with the groom who is in all black. This is a look sure to turn heads and be proud of 50 years into your marriage!