About our Suits

Our wedding suits come in 2 fabrics. Wool or Microfiber. Each color is available in jacket and pant separates so you can order any size jacket with any size pant, and has an optional matching vest.

Super 150’s Wool Fabric

Our wool suits and tuxedos come strictly from Australian sheep. Australia has the best conditions in the world for sheep. Here they thrive and produce the finest wool possible on Earth. If you take the same sheep from Australia and bring them to another country, they can not produce the same fine wool as they do in Australia. The finished product produces the soft to the touch, all natural, super 150’s highly breathable wool that you find on our wool suits. There is a natural stretch on all of our wool suits.

Our wool collection is compromised of the following colors; black, navy, beautiful blue, royal blue, charcoal grey, medium grey, light grey and beige. Suits are available in all the colors listed above. Tuxedos are available in various lapel styles in black, navy, white, and burgundy. 


Microfiber Fabric

Our microfiber collection is made of Polyester, Rayon and Spandex using todays latest technology to give the feel of this synthetic fiber a soft hand feel similar to wool. The spandex we add to the fabric gives each garment added stretch so you have a full range of movement and will not feel constraint.

Our Microfiber collection is compromised of the follow colors; Black, grey, light grey, navy, azure blue, and stunning blue.