Useful Tips

Useful tips!

  1. You can order any size jacket with any size pant in our wedding suits and tuxedos collection. But 9/10 times the pant that comes with the jacket will be the best fit.
  2. Our pants are not vanity fit. So a 38 inch waist is a true 38 inch waist. Jeans are usually marked 2 inches down, so if your favorite pair of jeans is a 34 inch waist you will most likely be a 36 inch waist in our pants.
  3. When filling out the sizing info, it is important to input your current weight as it can fluctuate over time and what you weigh one month ago may be different that what you weigh today.
  4. If you are on a budget, go with the microfiber line where the suits and tuxedos are $190. If you have a little more money to spend and want the best fabric on your garment, go with the 100% wool line at $290.
  5. Our seasonal items we usually only make in one fit (not both fits like we do for our solid color program). So if you love a specific fabric but it it only comes in slim fit and the fit finder recommends a modern ( or visa versa), go one size up in the slim. For example, if the fit finder recommends a 40Short modern fit, but the seasonal item you order only comes in slim fit, order a 42Short Slim fit. And visa versa, if the fit finder recommended a  46Long Slim fit, but the seasonal item only comes in modern fit, order a 44Long Modern Fit.


Alteration Tips

  1. Every suit comes with the hem undone. Once your suit arrives and it fits well, its time to take it to a local tailor to get the hem fitted exactly to your preference. We love a small break on the pant.
  2. Every suit is made with extra material incase it is alittle tight to let out.
  3. Every suit can be made alittle tighter to get that perfect fit to your body.



  1. Hem the pants (must be done on every pant)
  2. Take in the waist or let out the wait (up to 2 inches)
  3. Tapper the pant
  4. Let out the pant (up to 3/4 inch)
  5. Reduce the crotch
  6. Let out the jacket waist up to 2 inches
  7. Take in the jacket waist
  8. Shorten the sleeves
  9. Lengthen the sleeves up to 1 ¼ inch
  10. Shorten the jacket length
  11. Reduce the collar length