Are your clothing articles safe?

All of our clothing is 100% new, unused, and never worn before. We do not offer rentals whatsoever, so rest assured your order will arrive brand new in its original packaging untouched by human hands. We now use gloves during our picking and shipping process, and all advised safety protocols so your clothing arrives as safely as possible delivered to the comfort of your own home or address of choice.

How can I plan my event, size myself and my groomsmen?

You can visit us at our location or call us at 718-215-0809 and we will ask you some questions such as your height, weight, and fit preference to advise the size for you. We can take care of your wedding party completely online, by phone or in person

Can I mix and match pants?

In our wedding suit and tuxedo collections, yes! You can order any size suit or tuxedo jacket with any size pant. Just remember, our pant sizes are not vanity fit (meaning if you order a 36 inch waist, the true measurement of the waist is 36 inches). Most jeans are vanity fit so you usually need to add 2 inches to the waist size to get your true size. For example, if you are a 36 inch waist in jeans, it usually means the waist measurement is actually 38 inches.

How do I find my size?

The easiest way to find you size is by using our fit finder. You can also call us at 718-215-0809, we will ask you some questions and give you our recommendation. Or ,if you are in the NYC area, you can visit us at our location and we will be happy to size you up.

How long in advance should I order my suit or tux?

We recommend placing your order 6 weeks in advance so you have time to try it on and make sure everything fits, and bring it to a local tailor or dry cleaner to remove the sleeve labels, hem the pants, or make any final tweaks necessary to your suit or tux. 6 weeks gives you enough time to contact us incase you need us to ship you out a size replacement.

Do I need to press my suit or tux when it arrives?

Once your garment arrives and after you try it on, we recommend you hanging it on the provided hanger overnight. Most, if not all of the wrinkles should come out. If there are still some wrinkles, we recommend LIGHTLY steaming it. Please AVOID steaming one area for a prolonged period of time and instead use a flowing motion.


Which buttons do I button for my suit/tux?

For jackets with 2 buttons, you button just the top button. For vests, you can either button all the vest buttons or leave the lowest button unbuttoned.

Should I wear a regular tie or a bowtie?

For tuxedos, we recommend wearing a bow tie. However, a regular necktie is completely acceptable as well.  

For suits we recommend wearing a regular necktie. But the your preference is bow ties, that is completely acceptable as well.

How do I differentiate myself from my groomsmen?

This is a great question, and there are several ways you can stand out from your groomsmen. If you are wearing the same exact suit or tuxedo, the best and classiest way to stand out is to add an accessory to your outfit. We like to recommend either a hanky, or if wearing a tuxedo, we recommend you wearing a tuxedo shirt with black studs and cufflinks while your groomsmen can wear either a regular shirt or French cuff shirt (without black studs). If you are wearing a different suit or tux from the groomsmen that itself is usually big enough to differentiate you and your groomsmen. Other times we recommend you wear a bow tie and the groomsmen a regular tie. If you love doing a navy look, you can go in our navy tuxedo while the groomsmen are dressed up in the navy suit. There are many combos and ways to stand out from your groomsmen while complimenting each other and making incredible photos to look back on and be proud of!

How much shirt cuff should show while wearing my jacket?

We like a ¼ to a ½ of shirt cuff coming out of past the jacket sleeve. But this is an area of preference, as some people like there jacket sleeves shorter, you will see more sleeve, and some people like there jacket sleeve longer, you will see less or even no shirt sleeve.

How should my suit or tux fit?

We recommend a fitted look that gives your body a great shape and silhouette, while still being comfortable when sitting down, shaking hands etc. All of our fabrics have either natural stretch or stretch added to the material to give extra comfort. If you like a super fitted look, we recommend going with our stretch fit as it will give you maximum comfort while you’re rocking a super slim look.

Should I wear patent leather shoes with my tuxedo?

The answer to this comes down to preference. You certainly do not need to wear patent leather shoes with a tuxedo. A nice leather lace up or slip on dress shoe is a classy look and totally appropriate as well. We recommend wearing patent leather shoes only if you like the look of patent leather, as it is not a requirement when wearing a tuxedo.

How much break should I tell my tailor to give me on the hem?

We recommend telling the tailor to give you a small break. This is a nice and timeless look. Long breaks tend to look somewhat sloppy. However, this is also a preference question. No breaks are more stylish today and look clean as well.

What makes your suits different?

We are a suit and tuxedo company first. We have been making, tweaking and perfecting our suit fit since 1985. After years and years of trial and error, adjusting and adjusting, we finally came up with 2 perfect fits, slim fit and modern fit. We have fitted literally hundreds of thousands of men for their wedding, job interviews, milestone marks, and special events for decades, and now bring out services online.

Our wool fabrics are the finest materials. And our microfiber fabrics have been given extra care and attention. Try on our stretch suit, move around, and feel the difference of mobility and comfort while still looking incredible.

Do I need alterations for my suit or tux?

Yes. At the minimum you will need to go to a tailor or dry cleaner to have them remove the sleeve labels and hem the pants. In the event your waist is a little tight or loose, they will fix that as well, or any other adjustment you need to make to your suit or tux to have it fit you perfect.

If you have any other questions we didn't address here, please reach out and we will be happy to help!