June 12, 2020 1 min read

Why rent when you can buy for practically the same price? Our wedding collection suits are competitively and reasonably priced at $199 or $290. Both are great suits, the main difference is our $290 suits are made with 100% Australian Wool, the best wool in the world.

Some of the biggest benefits of owning over renting:

1. Pictures come out better. You are getting a suit made for your body. We offer slim and modern fit. Most rental companies offer 1 fit to try and save money and fit everyone in 1 cut. But we all know everybody has different body shapes and while some need a slim fit, some need the more comfortable fitting modern fit.

2. You get to wear it again and again. All of our wedding suits and tuxedos are staple colors. You can wear the suits to other weddings, work, interviews or important meetings. Our tuxedos can be worn to other weddings or any black tie event. Even if you are not a big suit or tux guy, there will be events that arise where you are required to wear a suit or tux. 

3. It is brand new and never worn by anybody else. You don't ever have to worry about whether it was thoroughly cleaned after its previous use as a rental, its brand new!

Attend your event in style and get to wear your own suit or tux over and over again! After all, James Bond didn't rent his tux!