April 07, 2021 2 min read

"What shoe do I wear with my tuxedo" is a question I hear quite often. Many people believe you have to wear patent leather shoes with a tuxedo. But simply put, you absolutely do not have to wear patent leather shoes with a tuxedo. This comes down to personal preference. If you like the shiny look of patent leather shoes, then by all means pair it with your tuxedo. But just like some people do not like the satin stripe going down the side of the tuxedo pants, many people do not like the look of patent leather shoes. If you don't like that look, or even if you don't mind that look, but already have a nice pair of plain black leather dress shoes, that 100% works as well. They can be either a slip on or lace up plain black dress shoe. I do not recommend wearing a fancy wingtip shoe as a sleek and plain shoe look pair much better with a tuxedo. Go with a plain toe, cap toe, or one piece style as it looks smooth and sleek to pair with your tuxedo. 

As a groom, you could wear a patent leather tuxedo shoe as a way to stand out from your groomsmen. They can wear a black leather dress shoe while you add some pop to your outfit with the patent leather. This is just one of many ways the groom can stand out from the groomsmen. 

Many people like the suede look to pair with a tuxedo, and that works as well. To sum up what shoe should be worn with a tuxedo, it can be either patent leather, plain leather, or a beautiful suede shoe. Make sure it fits properly, is recently polished, has fresh laces (if a lace up) and is not too wide especially if you're wearing a tapered slim fit tuxedo.

Dress well my friends!