February 24, 2021 4 min read

How do you choose the right color suit?

The stakes are high. You have that big job interview, hot date, wedding or social event that you need to attend and you want to choose the colored right suit! You want to make a statement. So, what do you do?

First things first. Before choosing a color, you want to make sure of a few essential things regardless of what color suit you choose. Any suit you purchase should fit proper. The suit should be form fitting and not leave you looking like a box. It should be tapered through the body of the jacket, the arms and the bottom of the pants. The sleeves should be no less than 4 inches from the tip of your thumb, but if you like to show more shirt cuff 5 inches is even better. Fitted is key, however, it should not be TOO tight, and leave you looking like your trying to fit into your younger brothers suit. It should fit proper. You do not need to put your hands over your head like your shooting a jumpshot when trying a suit as this is not necessary. But you do need to be comfortable and have enough movement to be able to shake someone’s hand. Remember, when you sit down, always open your jacket. And speaking of the jacket, never button the bottom button, only the top button. And if you still have 3 button suits, you need to retire it immediately as is screams 1990’s.  Get yourself a new 2 button suit and welcome to the 21st century in style! So what, you’re late to the party, you still made it!

When you put on a suit one of the other most important things are you should feel great when you look in the mirror. If you don’t feel great, that probably is not the suit for you. Suits have a lot to do with personality, and if you do not feel comfortable wearing a super bold statement suit, it may not be for you. You want to genuinely look AND feel great and confident in your suit.

Now that we nailed down some essentials when suit buying, lets get back to how to choose the right color. Lets run through some of the options above and pair the perfect suit for each.

Job Interview

Here you want to go with a solid navy blue suit. You can opt for a medium grey or charcoal, but make sure the charcoal is not too dark. Navy blue is the timeless business suit and you can NEVER go wrong with it for an interview.

Hot Date

Here, we actually suggest wearing a great sport jacket as opposed to a suit. Unless you are going on a date to a very fancy dinner, the opera, or something very upscale. For those occasions, we recommend a beautiful charcoal grey suit. It’s dark, formal, and it perfectly fits these occasions. For more casual dates when you want to impress without overdressing, a nice plaid or solid sport jacket with an open collared dress shirt finished off with a complimentary hanky will be sure to impress. You will look like a gentleman and your date will know you know how to put yourself together.


Depends. Is it your wedding? If yes, we love to recommend a beautiful tuxedo. Be it black, navy or even light grey with black shawl lapel, it is the ultimate formal style a man can wear. And throw your groomsmen in either the matching suit color or a contrasting suit color. For example, if you opt to wear the light grey tuxedo with black lapels, you groomsmen in black suits will look sharp and compliment you making the pictures look elegant. If you are going with the navy shawl lapel tuxedo, have your groomsmen wear the solid navy suit. This way you will stand out from your groomsmen while still perfectly matching them.  If you are attending a wedding and its black tie, wear a black suit or tuxedo. If it is not black tie, you have a lot of room to play with. You can wear solid or a bold check. Let your personality shine here.

Social Event

It’s a good rule of thumb to dress according to how conservative the event it. But it also depends on how much attention you are looking for. If you want to stand out you can wear a bold check, an attention grabbing color, or a double breasted suit with contrasting lapel button hole stitching. Throw on a tie bar and a lapel pin for extra style.

No matter which suit you decide to go with make sure you feel great while in it and remember to have some fun! If you feel great while wearing your suit because you know you look good in it, you will magnetize people toward you with both your suit AND your positive energy!