November 09, 2020 3 min read

Why It's Better to Buy a Wedding Suit than Rent One

If you’re one of the 2.4 million US couples getting married this year, the wedding bells are ringing and you’re well on your way to planning what may be the most important event of your life. It doesn’t take long before you start doing the math and seeing how expensive a wedding is. It’s natural to look for savings, but renting your wedding suit isn’t the way to go.

Buying your wedding suit offers advantages that not only give you more value for your money but also make your big day more successful and less complicated.

Ongoing Value

Many men assume they won’t wear their wedding suit again, but you might be surprised. For couples who opt for a suit rather than a tux, you can wear your suit to a wide range of events and luxury restaurants in the future. Many wedding suits are even perfect for a professional setting or job interview.

Even men who buy tuxes are often surprised by how often they re-wear them. You can expect at least a few black tie events and formal weddings in the future.

Custom Fit 

Rental suits are made to be adjustable to some extent, but you can’t truly tailor them to fit your body. They’ll always look somewhat ill-fitted and unflattering in your photos.

When you buy your own suit, it can be professionally tailored to your body in the most flattering, stylish, and comfortable way. You’ll be able to cherish your wedding photos for a lifetime without cringing when you see them.

Brand New Look

When you look back on your wedding photos, you want your suit to not only fit well but look crisp and fresh. Chances are that it won’t look the way you want if you rent a suit that many other men have worn in the past. When you buy a new suit, you’ll know it’s fresh and new when the big day arrives. 

Easier Logistics

Trust us: the last few days before your wedding will be hectic. If you rent a suit, you need to add in time to pick up your suit in those busy days because rentals don’t let you pick it up much earlier. Even if you choose an online rental, you have to hope it arrives on time and the delivery date is still too close to the wedding date for comfort. You also have to hope it fits because you’ll have too little time to make adjustments or get a replacement. 

When you buy a new suit, you can buy it well in advance and have it tailored when your wedding day gets closer. By the week of your wedding, your suit is already in your closet and ready to go and you don’t have the anxiety of waiting until the last minute to find out if your suit will work.

Lower Cost Difference Than You Think

The top reason men rent suits instead of buying them is that they assume renting is cheaper. In reality, we have many suits at The Suit Spot for around the same price as a rental. Remember that rental shops know you’re already spending a bundle on your wedding, so they tend to raise the price.

For added savings, we offer wedding party discounts as well for groups needing four or more suits. All this combined means buying a suit is a better value than many grooms think. 

Buying a Wedding Suit You’ll Treasure

Your wedding suit is an important part of your wedding day, and it’s not a detail you should overlook. The Suit Shop is here to help with wedding suits and tuxedos, suits for groomsmen, and accessories for all the gentlemen in your wedding party. Shop our suit store online to see the options for yourself.